Luna’s Retro Tricycle – Restoration

When my close friends have their first child, I typically will create a one-off gift that represents their new family. In this case, I found a vintage 1960’s Murray Tricycle and modified it as a gift for my friend’s daughter. Color palette remained soft, tying to tones used by the Fuchila Freshener brand (founded by my friend in this case), and subtle throw backs to the Latino culture. Hand painted, modified and designed by myself. The rear wheels of the original trike were in deteriorating condition, so new wheels were modified to fit.


  • Vintage Murray Tricycle
  • Mexican serape blanket used for upholstery
  • Testors Decals
  • NOS circa 1960 handlebar grips
  • Pinwheels
  • Pinata Bicycle Bell
  • Retrofitted rear wheels from Morgan Cycles

This is not the original bike sourced, but rather, a very similar body style. Unfortunately all photos of the original tricycle were lost due to a cellphone crash.

Quick glimpse at the design process for the custom name label for the rear of the tricycle.