Paletas – Sculpture

This work is an on-going collaboration with colleague, Alex Nuño-Liu. In 201, she described to me her vision depicting the non-stereotypical lives of immigrant families. Often, immigrants from Mexico and South America are portrayed as laborers, janitors, landscapers among others. which overshadow the individual and their unique diverse journey to a better life. This thesis show is an evolving interactive and mobile version of Alex’ original vision; a digital archival of these family histories migrating from and longing for their former home.


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Using the Paleta Cart

  • The interaction requires at least two people.
  • Stand where the Paletero would stand and place your hands on the metal handle.
    This will activate the family stories.
  • Once you let go, the video will reset until the next person places their hands on the cart handle.

About the Stories

Participants were asked four questions.

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What brought you to America?
  4. What do you miss the most?

These stories, rich in visual detail, were then animated into mini-vignettes.

About the Collaborators

Alex Nuño-Liu was born and raised in San Jose. Alex is a first generation Mexican-American and is a graduate of San Jose State University. She currently lives in San Jose with her husband and three children.

Ricardo Cortez is a Bay Area
Chicano New Media artist using personal experience and cultural identity as a framework for artistic expression.

Through the use of emerging technologies, he regenerates an aesthetic experience of subcultures that encourage interaction – allowing the audience to become an integral part of the art experience.

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