1-800-Joaquin – Interactive Sculpture

This interactive correctional-facility phone introduces audiences to the varied definitions of cultural identity, specifically within the Chicano culture. 1-800-JOAQUIN serves as homage to the iconic Corky Gonzales poem, ‘I am Joaquin.’ The most powerful stanzas concerning Chicano identity in the 1960’s have been programmed into the phone. The user is welcomed to pick up the handset and listen. Each time the handset is lifted the phone will generate a new narrative. 1-800-JOAQUIN contextualizes the meaning of identity through interactive methods in order to start a larger conversation to eradicate cultural divides.

Voice over by performance artist Daniel Villalva.

Featured at the De Young Museum 4-24-2015 to 4-26-2015


*Push buttons for visual effect only. Typical function produces sounds upon picking up the handset.

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